Welcome to the Urban Teaching Residency Program!

UTR is a unique program supporting the development of working educators in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.

Earn an M.S.Ed. and certification in two years while remaining in your school.

UTR residents are teachers, support staff, or classroom aides in PreK-12 public, charter, or other high-needs schools. The UTR curriculum prepares them to work effectively in high-needs, urban settings. Our evening coursework is tailored to the schedule of fulltime educators; the cohort structure allows early-career teachers to network and learn alongside colleagues.

With an emphasis on urban teaching, UTR seeks candidates who:

  • Are deeply committed to ending educational inequality,
  • Desire to build the knowledge and skills that will help make an excellent education a reality for all children,  
  • Seek solid academic training and professional mentoring, and
  • Want to be part of a dynamic, top-tier University community.



An Ivy League university at your fingertips

Expert mentorship from master teacher educators

Lifelong leadership and professional networks

A relentless commitment to improving urban education