The Urban Professionals Program M.S.Ed (UPP)

The Urban Professionals Program is a master’s program that is designed for teachers, researchers, educators, and community advocates who are interested in the distinct needs of children and families in high-needs contexts. It explores issues related to equity, access, institutional and school-level policy, as well as the needs of children living in poverty. Drawing from critical and sociocultural perspectives, UPP considers how communities, schools, and policy intersect to impact families in high-needs schools. Through coursework, residents explore:

  • Understandings of educational policy and how it impacts students, communities, and schools;
  • Systems that perpetuate poverty in urban communities;
  • The public school reform movement, its outcomes, and its implications; and
  • Deep understandings of how communities, in both local and global contexts, respond to reform measures.

Working in urban contexts takes a significant amount of time and demands the full attention of graduate students in our program. UPP recognizes the hard work and dedication that it takes to work in high-needs settings while pursuing a master’s degree.

To meet the needs of people working full time, UPP is an executive-style format program with a hybrid of online and in-person coursework. This program supports graduate students in their commitment to urban communities while allowing them to complete a master’s degree in two years.

Sample Schedule

Year 1

  • Fall I (3 courses)
  • Spring I (2 courses)
  • Summer Session I (1 course)

Year 2

  • Summer Session II (2 courses)
  • Fall II (2 courses)

Courses Offered

  • School and Society
  • Outside the School Box
  • Politics of School Reform
  • Schooling and Economic Inequality
  • Research Methods
  • Capstone Research (Education Law, Health Disparities in Schools)
  • Capstone Writing
  • Contemporary Issues in Urban Education
  • Culturally Responsive Pedagogy
  • Race and Media in Education
  • Racial Literacy in Education